Mad Wok Food

Mad Wok serves authentic Chinese home-style food. When you order at Mad Wok, you always get a set of various dishes with a healthy and tasty balance. Our menu has 4 wok dishes you can choose from. There are flavors chosen for everyone. Our pickle sauce was brought originally from Sichuan from a grandma’s home kitchen with a 69 years old history. We want you to try them! And be aware, we might make your tongue feel numb for a bit. But you’ll get used to it. This is the Mad Wok style.

food set


Besides the food set, we got you 2 side dishes for those who wants extra flavor and food.

chicken side and pickle

poached salad side

Whether you are vegetarian or not, our vegan dish is worth trying. Taste it, you probably gonna like it.


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  1. Hi! We are very sorry to hear about your experience. And thank you for your feedback. The eggplants are chopped by hand. It’s very hard sometimes to get it even sized. The “bitter tasting massive chunks” might be the seitan. It’s made with gluten and herbs. Usually, it should not be bitter. We will try to find out the reason for that, and improve our take-away package method. Would you like to try the eggplant dish one more time at our restaurant to make it up for your unplesant experience? It would be great if you could tell me the day when you had the food there so I could discuss the matter with the staff. Thank you again for the feedback, and hope to see you at Mad Wok again.

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